Showing Face

I’ve been extracting individual pieces of geometry to build out her body as of late. It’s a bit tedious, but I like where things are heading. Also shaped out the original detail head I was using before, and brought it into proportion with this body. Transplant from a previous sculpt.


Downgrade Complete

It feels like every time I end up working on this, the design gets simpler and simpler. I’ve slimmed down her body significantly and its starting to look more like a body rather than a body shaped robot, which is good. After a little reposing and having a different take on her silhouette, I think……

At Arms Length

Finally, an update that actually feels like an update.  I am finally at a confident place with the shape and proportions of the body.  Yes, I have been pushing and pulling bit by bit on things like the shoulders, arms, and torso, but now when I look at it, she’s really starting to look “correct”…….

What the heck are time flies?

Time flies when you get distracted.  I haven’t had a chance to update in a while because I haven’t had a chance to work on this piece.  It’s hard to get more than an hour or two done at a time, but I’m looking forward to a three day weekend for Memorial Day.  I’ve been……


I haven’t been happy with how some of the proportions and lines have been working out.  I decided to go back and reshape the legs and torso with a few tweaks.  Brought the back down a bit as well.  I think I have been incorrectly translating from 2D to 3D while looking at my reference……

Insert Somewhat Clever Title

I think I have a pretty good idea of how I want the hips to look and how the deformations may look after I rig it.  Annoying things about this character are that her body looks fleshy in the manga but her body is like purely mechanical in that ghetto 90’s cyberpunk sort of way……

She Will Be Shiny

I wish weekends were longer to have more time to work on this model.  Lots of proportional adjustments before laying out the lines.  I think the overall shape of the body is finally where I want it to be.


Plan on shaping out the knees next round.

Skinless Thighs

I think I have the major lines of the thighs worked out.  I am enjoying the curves that run up the quads.  Also shaped out serratus and oblique panels.  I think these shapes are suppose to be metal plates like the rest of her body, but I might change that up and use something more……

Dem Legs

Worked in the broad shapes for the arms. Moved to the legs and shaped the knees. Most of the major lines have been placed. More detail required. Proportional adjustments again to the chest and shoulders. Hips and leg “muscle” proportions also adjusted.


Shoulders reshaped along and some adjustments to the breastplates.

Focus on forearms and laying in shapes.  It was difficult to figure out what the lines in panels do since no official art seems to exist that clearly shows how they are put together.