Finally, an update that actually feels like an update.  I am finally at a confident place with the shape and proportions of the body.  Yes, I have been pushing and pulling bit by bit on things like the shoulders, arms, and torso, but now when I look at it, she’s really starting to look “correct”.  Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea for me to work from a 2D character designed 15+ years ago that has no official design images in existence (as far as research my research has proven) but the desire to make a CG character of Gally has been something that’s been in the back of my mind since I first started to work with 3D.

With her body finally in a shape that I approve of, I’ve been building individual pieces of her arm.  She has a curious design, in that some elements seem to be derived directly from muscle structure (such as her shoulder, tricep, and bicep covers) but other pieces are more designed as if she were wearing a suit.  But this is suppose to be her naked body, so I am trying to find a happy in-between where I can mesh together what I can reconstruct from the few pictures of her ‘civilian’ body (which only appears partially uncovered in vol. 5 of the manga) and filling in the blank spaces with my own ideas that fall in line with the style of her design. Trying to create a naked version of her has been extremely difficult since so much of it is guesswork.  I suppose it would have been much easier to do a sculpt of her clothed, Tuned-Agent body… but where is the fun in that? I set out to make this difficult for myself from the get-go, and I’m invested in that now.