Arm Shape Blocking

Today’s focus was, again, the arms.  Rotation on the forearm for clearer placement of the shapes without the distortion of a turned wrist.  Shapes for the elbow connection have been blocked out.  Shoulders and back/neck brought down a bit.

Quick Throwback

Screen shots of old, tossed iterations of the current sculpt I’ve been working on.  I hadn’t touched zbrush in months and these were the first few studies I was doing before settling into a workflow.

Gally Continued

Continuing work-through. Still working on upper body. Still feeling iffy on proportions. Head might be too big, but overall she looks like she’s coming together.

On Saturday, try to get arms and torso completely blocked out before moving onto pelvis and legs. Maybe start researching and decide what would be the best……

Continued Work: Gally

I am spending about one to two hours a night on this sculpt.  It’s been difficult to sit down and spend time on it given that 1-2 hours doesn’t feel like I’m accomplishing a lot…however accomplishing little is still much better than accomplishing nothing.

Spending three weeknights for a couple hours this……

Battle Angel: Alita (Gally)

So this is probably the 5th version of this project I have worked on.  It’s been a learning piece, as I try different stuff I’ve learned from tutorials and figuring out which methods work best for me.  I’ve finally settled into this base mesh and am sculpting the individual panels piece by piece,……